4 Maintenance Tips To Keep Triumph Bonneville Air Cooled Twins Always Running Like New

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4 Maintenance Tips To Keep Triumph Bonneville Air Cooled Twins Always Running Like New

24 August 2018
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If you are a fan of European motorcycle design and performance, the British Triumph is one of the best bikes in existence that is still being produced. Just like with cars and other motorcycles, your Triumph is going to need routine maintenance to prevent wear and ensure it lasts. Here are some maintenance tips for your Triumph Bonneville Air Cooled Twins to ensure they run like new for decades to come.

1. Consistent Oil Changes and Checking Fluid Levels Consistently

With anything that has a combustion engine, regularly changing oil and lubricants is the best thing to do to reduce wear and ensure motors last. With your Triumph motorcycle, you will want to change the oil regularly, as well as check all fluid levels and keep them topped off to ensure your bike is never running on a drop of fluid. 

If you only occasionally drive your bike, check the oil and other fluids each time you get ready to go for a ride. If you ride your bike more frequently, such as to and from work during nice weather, make sure to check all the fluids at least once a week while you are riding regularly and before you ride if it has been parked for more than a few days.

2. Check Tire Pressure Regularly and Change Tires When They Are Worn or Damaged

The tire pressure is important for any type of vehicle, but it is especially important with motorcycles. Since your bike may be stored for an extended time, you will want to make sure to check the tire pressure, as well as the condition of tires. The rubber can dry and crack in storage and should be replaced if you notice damage. To prevent these problems, treat tires with a rubber treatment to protect the rubber while the bike is being stored and you are not riding it.

3. Always Carry Emergency Gear and Repair Kit Before You Go for A Ride

There are many situations where you may need to do an emergency repair will riding on highways. It is important that you carry basic emergency gear and repair kits to ensure you can do simple repairs like repairing a chain or changing a spark plug when something goes wrong. It is also a good idea to keep a basic medical first aid kit in saddle bags in case you put your bike down or get in an accident.

4. Keep Your Bike Clean and Replace Damaged Rubber and Seals When Needed

The best thing you can do to preserve your bike is to keep it clean and covered. In addition, there are many parts on motorcycles that are exposed to the elements and vulnerable to wear. You want to check all rubber parts and seals and replace them when they are damaged to prevent more serious mechanical problems with your bike.

These are some maintenance for your Triumph Bonneville Air-Cooled Twins to ensure your bike is running like new for generations to come. If you need help with repairs or a new motor, contact a vendor of Triumph Bonneville Air-Cooled Twins to get what you need to repair your bike.