Motorcycle Riders - How To Protect Yourself When Riding Against High Winds

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Motorcycle Riders - How To Protect Yourself When Riding Against High Winds

18 August 2017
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If you are planning to ride across country, then you should expect to run in high winds. These conditions can make it hard to maneuver your bike on the road. Riding on the road when windy can also make you feel uncomfortable, which leads to distractions. This results in making mistakes. Read on to find out how to protect yourself when riding against high winds.

How Do High Winds Affect Riding?

High winds are dangerous and can blow your bike off the road. It is a constant fight to maintain control. You have gusts of wind slamming into your bike, which pushes it across the centerline or toward the shoulder. This activity can be tiring and just downright annoying.

Consider Harley Davidson Bikes

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle is American made, comes in heavyweight models and made for highway cruising. Harleys tend to be heavy. They are not going to get pushed around like a lightweight bike. Your body can take a beating when riding a light weight bike on a windy day. It is going to be hard to withstand this beating when going on a road trip.

You should avoid certain types of bikes when it comes to inclement weather. This includes bikes with bodywork, widescreens with no framework, topboxes and panniers. You need a heavy bike with a low center of gravity to avoid getting pushed around.

Learn How To Read The Wind

You can benefit from knowing how to read the wind. It also helps to pay attention to how large objects change the direction of wind. Grass, trees, flags and clouds are good indicators of wind direction. Large trucks push a gust of wind around the front of their vehicles. When you are approaching a large truck, you want to move as far as way as possible from it. You also have to brace for the impact of the oncoming wind when passing the vehicle. At the same time, you have to prepare to steer quickly to keep your motorcycle under control. Knowing the wind direction helps with maneuvering your bike.

It is common to want to experience the untamed side of riding a motorcycle. However, you must know the safety rules and research before making a bike purchase. The wind is unpredictable, but there are clues to look for. You can use different tactics to help with riding through strong winds while remaining calm. An experienced motorcycle Harley Davidson manufacturer can help you find your dream bike.