Own A Motorcycle? 2 Sounds You May Hear And What They Mean

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Own A Motorcycle? 2 Sounds You May Hear And What They Mean

16 February 2017
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If you own a motorcycle, you need to understand problems it may have. This way you can understand a little of what is going on with it when you take it to a repair shop. To help you get started, below are two sounds you may hear coming from your motorcycle that may signal trouble.


A hissing sound coming from your motorcycle could be something as simple as a tire that is deflating slowly. If you can hear this then it means you are not driving your motorcycle, so check the tire pressure and add air or replace the tire if needed.

If the tires are not the cause of the hissing sound, the cell battery on the charging system may be flooded. This would cause the charger to overcharge the battery, which forces gas out of the overflow tube. As the gas is forced out of the tube, you may hear a hissing sound. Stop the charging system immediately to prevent your battery from bursting if this is the problem you are having.

There may also be a blown gasket on your motorcycle somewhere that is causing the hissing sound. There may be an exhaust system leak or a radiator leak. These problems will not cause your motorcycle to break down immediately, but over time they will.


If your motorcycle makes a banging sound or it backfires, there is likely a buildup of un-burned gas somewhere in the pipe or exhaust header system. As the gas builds up it mixes with air and as this gas/air mixture explodes out of the exhaust pipe, you will hear a loud banging noise. You may also see a flame come out of the exhaust pipe.

This problem can happen when you first start your motorcycle. For example, you may stop the motorcycle while it is in high rpm's, and when you start it back up, there will be a backfire. This is because there is still gas left in the carburetor. You may also notice a backfire when you accelerate the motorcycle or you let off the throttle

It is common to hear some noises from a motorcycle, but if the noise you hear does not stop or it becomes louder and louder, take your motorcycle to a repair shop that has experience with motorcycle repair. This is important, as if you wait too long, this could cause much more damage, which would result in expensive repairs.